Reimagined Georgian Dishes at Cheeseboat

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A few days after the far-right rally in Charlottesville, last month, Netty Davit’ashvili, Cheeseboat’s twenty-nine-year-old Georgian-American proprietress, put out a sign advertising her soup of the day: “The Tears of Neo-Nazis.” When diners asked for the special, they were served bowls of kharcho—a hearty Georgian stew made with rice and cherry-plum purée. It was one of Cheeseboat’s busiest days since opening, last fall...

Photograph by Amy Lombard for The New Yorker
— David Kortava

Cheeseboat's Bringing Decadent Buttery Cheese Bread To Williamsburg

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Earlier this year, we took a deep dive into the bread boat of cheese, butter and eggs known as adjaruli khachapuri, a staple at Georgian restaurants and dream dish for many of us. And now there's a new restaurant that's built its entire ethos around the ultimate comfort food dish: meet Cheeseboat, which opens Friday in Williamsburg...

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Williamsburg now has two cheese-centric restaurants: Cheeseboat and Denizen

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In case your cholesterol level isn’t already elevated from Thanksgiving indulgence, swing by Cheeseboat or Denizen. Cheeseboat opened earlier this year in the former home of Miranda on Berry Street and serves Georgian-style cheese breads...

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Leaving on that L Train to Georgia, for Cheeseboat’s Khachapuri

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It certainly speaks to Brooklyn’s exceptional diversity that we’re reasonably knowledgeable about Georgia–and not just that it’s a Caucasian country, as well as the peach capital of America. We’ve actually had pretty steady exposure to its singularly comforting fare, transmuting our passion for pizza into a love of khachapuri–hearth-baked, cheese-stuffed bread–and more recently, embracing amber wine as well, fermented and aged in man-sized earthenware pots...

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— Sarah Zorn
<2>A Brooklyn restaurant makes bread boats filled with cheese


Behold: The Cheeseboat

Behold: The Cheeseboat

Behold: The Cheeseboat 🧀 😍

Posted by Bring Me on Saturday, 9 December 2017

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How to Make Khachapuri Georgian Cheese Boats!

How to Make Khachapuri Georgian Cheese Boats!

The people spoke and this Khachapuri Georgian Cheese Boat might be one of our favorite dishes. EVER. Check out as Jackie and Clinton Kelly teach you how to make it!

Posted by The Chew on Sunday, 14 January 2018

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